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Developed based off the accepted international standards and local country legislative requirements, the Khoemacau Copper Mining ESG standard is designed to be fit-for-purpose with a sustainable development focus for Botswana. While focus to date is ensuring best in class performance in primary areas of Safety, Health, Environment, Community and Governance, the Company is continuously improving and is currently developing its wholistic Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Management Operating System (MOS).

ESG [chart]

In accordance with Botswana law and regulatory processes, we ensure compliance with the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations of Botswana including the Environmental Impact Assessment Act of 2011, The Mines and Mineral Act, Waste Management Act and The Mines, Quarries, Works and Machinery Act. Khoemacau has completed the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process for Zone 5 and the Banana Zone, the access/haul road with services servitude (Zone 5 to Boseto and to the A3) and the Kgwebe Communications Tower together with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) process for the Toteng Bridge Upgrade, the Extension of the Haka Wellfield and our most recent 2021/22 exploration drilling programmes. For Boseto, all environmental authorisations were obtained during the previous ownership (Discovery Metals Limited) with the processing plant authorisation amended for the upgrade.

Our Environmental Management Plans are monitored continuously by our onsite team and, during construction, were reported on twice per year by an independent consultant. Key to an independent consultant’s review is the assurance that the company is complying with the recommendations of the ESIA. Similar commitment and resources are focused on the achievement of our Social Management Plans that align with the Community Engagement Strategy.

Key to our social licence to operate is ongoing engagement with the Kgosi (Community Chiefs) and the community members of Maun, Komana, Toteng, Sehithwa, Bodibeng, Bothathogo, Somelo and Legotlhwan

e as well as with local and national government authorities. Recent engagement has focused on providing Current Operations updates and dealing with community concerns about Project impacts and opportunities. Concerns raised during these sessions are addressed immediately, except for those that require further consultation and investigation. Employment and business opportunities for the local population are the main agenda items. The Company is committed to sourcing skills and services from the local communities where available.

Working in partnership with the communities is pivotal to sustainability. Currently, the Ngamiland and District Health Management have partnered with the Khoemacau health teams to effectively manage health issues in the region, providing wellness and educational programmes to both employees and neighbouring communities. Moreover, Khoemacau nurses are frequently called to aid the community. The Company continues to seek partnership opportunities.