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Renewable Energy

Khoemacau aspires to be a sustainable copper and silver producer who is looking to responsibly minimise its carbon footprint. In our journey to fulfilling this aspiration we have successfully completed a prefeasibility level business study for our 45MW solar project which demonstrates commercial and technical viability for a 30% penetration solar PV plant. This proposed project will ensure a cost effective, reliable renewable energy supply to our operations which will complement our connection to and supply from the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) owned and operated National Electricity grid in Botswana.

Our operations are ideally situated in the North West of Botswana where we can take advantage of extended periods of “blue skies” and high solar radiation levels. The Government of Botswana is also demonstrating commitment to renewable energy solutions with various projects in early development and programs being implemented to encourage supply of renewable energy back into the National Electricity grid. We are in a strong position to fulfill our aspirations and we are tracking on schedule to deliver the project as per plan to ensure 30%+ penetration by 2024-25. However, with optimisation of the design +50% penetration through the use of batteries is also commercially and technically viable.